Global Reports: Sectarianism in the Middle East

Columbia Global Reports Presents Nicolas Pelham:

Ascent & Acceptance: Sectarianism in the Middle East


Next month, Nicolas Pelham, the veteran Middle East reporter for The Economist, will be in DC to discuss the findings of his Columbia Global Report, “Holy Lands Reviving Pluralism in the Middle East”  More information:HERE

According to Mr. Pelham, the Ottoman Empire’s institutions successfully mediated the Middle East’s regional, religious diversity. 

Post WWI, European powers broke up the empire and established secular nation-states. 

The legacy of that handiwork has been patchwork failures making today’s destabilized, failed and autocratic regimes a considerable source of global terror. 

Is there a solution? Mr. Pelham’s talk offers counterintuitive, cross cutting and weighty insights: Revive pluralism.  

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