Building a New Economy:

Community Capitalism

Alex 'Sandy' Pentland

PhD MIT'82
Toshiba Professor of Media Arts & Science
Director of Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program

There is a general feeling that our social systems aren't working very well, and we need to rethink both our political and financial economic systems. Prof. Pentland will argue that the key insights are captured by quotes from Thomas Piketty: "There is nothing wrong with large returns to capital, the problem is that capital is in too few hands"; Malcom X: "No one can give you freedom, you have to take it"; and Xi Jinping: "He who has the data has the initiative". Taken together, they imply a new sort of political and economic system that Prof. Pentland calls, "Community Capitalism." Surprisingly, it doesn't take huge amounts of money or political will to move to this new sort of community-based system - it mostly takes understanding that uniformity is the enemy of diversity, innovation, and effectiveness.  

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This program is run by the MIT Club of Washington DC.

maxresdefault_1_.jpgAlex 'Sandy' Pentland, Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Lab (online bio), serves on the Board of the UN Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, and previously on boards for the American Bar Association, Google, and elsewhere. He has been a discussion leader for the World Economic Forum, the World Leadership Alliance / Club de Madrid, and keynoted at both the EU Presidency and G20 meetings. He is member of the US National Academies, and one of the most cited computational scientists in the world.

October 18, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Henry Chou