Marie Antoinette at Woolly Mammoth

Alums in the DC area are invited to join fellow Columbians at a performance of "Marie Antoinette" at the Woolly Mammoth Theater at 8 pm on Saturday, September 27. Tickets are $40 per person for members and guests, and $50 for others.

This event is a chance for you to
-- See an exciting new show at one of the DC area's leading experimental theaters,
-- Come early and spend a fun evening with fellow Columbians (there is a cash bar), and
-- Save $15 over the regular price.

***This event is now full.***

About the Show:
In a world of empty celebrity and economic crisis, how’s a teen queen to keep her head?

Cake enthusiast and infamous one-percenter Marie Antoinette opens Woolly’s 35th season with a burst of high fashion and shaky morals. Through David Adjmi’s incisive contemporary lens, history’s most notorious teenager becomes a full-blooded, complex, and tragic heroine who realizes too late that there’s an unstoppable revolution brewing outside her window.

Kimberly Gilbert returns to the Woolly stage as Marie, reuniting with visionary director Yury Urnov (You For Me For You) for a play about a society—not unlike our own—that might just be consuming itself to death.


Praise for Marie Antoinette:
“Marvelous, disturbing, revisionist” – New York Magazine

“Adjmi’s brilliance is to use trashy vernacular speech to allude to the way history trashes us” – The New Yorker

“A government in fiscal crisis. An embarrassment of riches accumulated by the top percent of the population to the consternation of others. A naïve female pop figure continually slut-shamed into submission by angry mobs. Sounds pretty familiar, does it not?” – Entertainment Weekly

September 27, 2014 at 8:00pm - 11pm

Woolly Mammoth Theater

641 NW D St
Washington, DC 20004
United States

Will you come?