Ivy November Mixed Doubles Tennis

Ivy/Seven Sister Indoor Mixed Doubles Tennis

Round-Robin Mixed Doubles for all levels & ages

Organized by the Yale and Harvard Clubs of Washington D.C.


ADMISSION: Player - advance registration: $30 per person (check or credit card)

Player - door admission: $35 per person (cash or check; no credit card)

Non-playing guest: $10 per person (limited to a guest of a player):


Tennis party policies:

1. Advance registration can be made only by mailing this form with a check in advance to the address below, or paying by credit card in advance at the link below. All payments must be received by 11/17/2017 to qualify for the advance registration price. There is no registration by fax, email or telephone.
2. Requests for refunds must be received by 3 pm on 11/17/2017.
3. Door admission is available at the higher price noted above by cash or check only.
4. Each attendee is responsible for any damage to the facility, injuries or accidents in connection with this function.


Dear IVY / Seven Sister schools’ alumni and friends,

We invite you to join us for one of the most popular IVY/Seven Sisters alumni tennis party for players of all levels and ages. It is an enjoyable way to socialize, meet tennis partners, and network with IVY /Seven Sisters alumni members and their guests.

Please keep the following in mind:

  1. This tennis party is for the IVY and Seven Sister schools' alumni network.
  2. We welcome to invite your friends, spouse or grownup family members.
  3. This tennis event is for adult players. (If you wish to bring under age children, please consult with Kuni Matsuda at [email protected](under 15 years old children, their level of play is better than intermediate).
  4. This is not a fundraising event.
  5. We have 8 indoor courts for entire night.
  6. A player can come and leave at any time.
  7. A player does not need to come with a partner to play tennis.  
  8. We recommend you to play with different players at each session.
  9. This is not a competitive tennis event. It is a social fun tennis event.
  10. We assign each court at a specific playing level (I.e.: Advanced, intermediate and beginner courts). You will play similar level players.
  11. Each session is 40 minutes and mixed doubles. Every 40 minutes of play, you come back to the table and sign up again at your appropriate level court.
  12. Alcohol is not permitted at this tennis event.
  13. Cell phone and food on the court are prohibited.
  14. We provide tennis balls, soft drinks, munches and pizza.
  15. Advanced registration: Please send in a check with a registration form or use website registration with a credit card in advance.
  16. Door admission: A credit card is not accepted at the door. Please bring a check or cash. It will charge extra $5 for the door admission.
  17. Cancellation: Requests for refunds must be received by 3 pm on Friday (prior to the event day on Saturday).
  18. All attendees are expected to be cooperative, to refrain from any disruptive activity, and to always follow good sportsmanship and tennis etiquette. 
  19. If you do not mind to carpool from your area to the tennis facility, please let us know.
  20. We expect about 40 players of all ages and playing levels at the tennis event.

Register - 11/18/2017 - Ivy/Seven Sisters Fall Tennis Party 

November 18, 2017 at 6:50pm - 11:50pm

Four Seasons Tennis Club

3010 Williams Dr
Merrifield, VA 22116
United States

Kuni Matsuda

240 294 5736

$30.00 USD

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