D-Day and Airpower

Figuring Out How To Win the War in Northern Europe, 1944-45


David Silbey, Associate director of the Cornell in Washington

Co-Sponsored with Cornell Club of Washington DC

In this, the 75th Anniversary year of the D-Day landings in France, Professor David Silbey, a military historian at Cornell University, will look at the role that airpower played not only in the invasion landings of June 6, 1944, but in the ultimate breakout from the beachhead and the campaign that followed. Airpower was a crucial and neglected part of that victory, from observation planes to fighters to heavy bombers. We will talk about the role that that airpower played throughout the last year of the war. Professor Silbey will use the spectacular resources of the Udvar-Hazy Aviation Museum to show many of the planes that he is analyzing.

This event is free, but attendees will be responsible for $15 Parking fee at the museum.

10am: Gathering                       
10:30: Presentation, Q&A                       
11:30: Guided museum tour  


Professor David Silbey is the associate director of the Cornell in Washington program and a senior lecturer at Cornell. He teaches courses on European history, modern military history, guerilla conflicts, and the role of popular will in waging war. Silbey received his BA from Cornell and his PhD from Duke University.

His first book, The British Working Class and Enthusiasm for War, 1914-1916 was published by Taylor & Francis in 2005. His second book, A War of Empire and Frontier: The Philippine-American War, 1899-1902 was published by Hill & Wang in Spring 2007. His third book, The Boxer Rebellion and the Great Game in China, 1900 was published by Hill & Wang in March 2012



June 01, 2019 at 10:00am - 1pm

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

14390 Air and Space Museum Pkwy
Chantilly, VA 20151
United States

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